Escape Brigade Escape Rooms Opens In Des Plaines, IL

DES PLAINES, IL., (May 10th, 2016) – Escape Brigade Exit Games launched its first interactive escape room – The Alpha Lab. Escape Rooms are real life immersive games in which your team has 60 minutes to complete a mission and escape. This is not a haunted house and there are no actors.  It is up to you and your team to find all the clues, complete the challenges and solve all the puzzles within one hour.  Will your team complete the mission and save millions of lives?

The Alpha Lab is an exciting mission in which you are immersed into an alternate reality and must work as a team to discover the labs secrets. The Alpha Lab mission begins when you’ve discovered that your former employer has evil motives which will endanger the lives of millions. You’ve gone to the police, but they can’t find any evidence!  So you take matters into your own hands. You’ll only have sixty minutes to break into the lab, prevent the imminent disaster, and escape!

Creative Director, Leo Goldyuk, who has done dozens of escape games all over the world explains, “Many escape rooms rely heavily on locks and lack storyline. After doing so many, I started to see a lot of the same puzzles.  I knew we could make this idea into something unique. We collaborated with game designers to create puzzles and storylines that are exciting, clever and stimulate teamwork. We believe that escape rooms are the ultimate team activity – there is no cell phones and it’s not a video game, it’s real life and your team must work together to succeed, everyone has one goal.”

Escape Brigade Exit Games are great for families, The Alpha Lab is open to participants as young as 13 with an accompanying adult. It’s also perfect for couples date night or just for groups of friends. Escape Brigade also takes reservations for corporate clients and when the second room opens in the summer, will accommodate team building events for up to 25 people.

Here is a review from one of the first teams to complete The Alpha Lab Mission:


Our group did the bioterrorism room and it was incredible! We had a group of 8 adults with various backgrounds , all who had never done one of these rooms before, and it was challenging but so much fun! It really does take good team work, communication and critical thinking skills and we made it out in the knick of time! We did this for a birthday party and we’ll worth the money and I could see it as a great team building exercise for corporate groups. I think a group of 6-8 is a good size (enough to spread out the work and utilize everyone while still feeling involved.) I am looking forward to the other rooms this group is developing and would absolutely go back! Highly recommended!


Mary R.

Tickets are $28 per person.  Escape Brigade is open Thursday-Sunday, bookings must be made on the Escape Brigade website. For more information, or to book a game, please visit






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Tips on Designing Room Escape Games

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